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Our School of economics and commerce (ETrŠ) Brežice has two organisational units: Vocational and Technical School and Vocational College. We carry out three verified educational programs of a secondary vocational and secondary technical education: the shop assistant program (in-school variant), the technician of economics program and techno-vocational program (the technician of economics); in the organisational unit Vocational College the college program performed is the sales representative. Here are about 300 students all together.

Although teaching always comes first, we also pay a considerable attention to cultural and other activities, to individual growth of every individual and to the relaxed but working atmosphere. We respect the diversity of the young and we stimulate the development of various abilities because we do care about every individual. ETrŠ Brežice educates students from different municipalities of the southeastern Slovenia, mostly from the Posavje region. We would like to compare with other schools: we want to offer our experiences to students and teachers across Europe and, at the same time, learn something new and better from them.

The region of Lower Posavska is one of the three less developed regions in Slovenia. Here we have low level of Self employment, slow economical growth and insignificant level of foreign investments. Our municipality is well known by the biggest thermal spa in Slovenia and all region has great tourist potential.  On the other hand we have faced with decline in number of students, so we are forced to improve open part of curriculum with tourism. We need to gain new skills from project partners (other vocational schools and other institutions) involved together in the same projects. This kind of learning brings us important cultural and pedagogical insight into education system, process of work and helps us to develop a European dimension to our work. Cooperation in projects bring us new didactic approach how to stimulate students for better learning especially in business and tourism matters. Students and teachers get opportunity to travel and learn from all participant partners.

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